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Antarctic 2010 - Primary School Materials
Primary Upd8 Activities KS1
Primary Upd8 Activities KS2
Antarctic Quiz and the answers
Antarctica quiz - Lyndsay Hilton
Antarctica quiz Answers - Lyndsay Hilton
Measuring Bacteria Levels
Measuring Bacterial Levels in Clothing - Lyndsay Hilton
11.03.Assembly Post Antarctica
11.05.16 Designing a shelter
11.05.16 Science Competition
11.05.16 Science Presentation
11.05.16 Stranded Scientists
Designing an Experiment
Designing an experiment - Lyndsay Hilton
Clothing Experiment
Aseptic Technique Cut and Stick - Lyndsay Hilton
11.05.16 Designing Clothing Experiment
Cross Curriculum
11.05.16 Mars On Earth Ppt0000000
11.05.16 MarsOnEarth Workbook
11.05.16 Antarctic Explorers Ppt0000003
Ecological Footprint
11.05.16 Assembly 1 - Teamworking Ppt0000005
11.05.16 Assembly 1 - Teamworking Assembly
11.05.16 Assembly 2 - Being chosen Assembly
11.05.16 Assembly 3 - Putting hope in others
11.05.16 Teaching Resources Overview
11.05.16 Assembly 2 - Being Chosen Ppt0000006
11.05.16 Ecological Footprint Workbook
11.05.16 Ecological Footprint Workshop Plan
11.05.16 Ecological Footprint Ppt0000009
11.05.19 Tim's Resources
KS3 Geography/Science - ‘Introduction to Antarctica’
Lesson Plan
Introduction to Antarctica

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Antarctica Game Powerpoint
Antarctic quiz
Antarctic quiz answers
Antarctica Facts
Humans in Antarctica
KS3/4/5 Geography/Citizenship and Science - ‘Ecological Footprint’
Lesson Plan
Ecological Footprint

Related Work Sheets
Resource 1 - Images for ecological footprint starter
Resource 2 - The different components of the ecological footprint in the UK
Resource 3 - Ecological Footprint of selected countries
Resource 4a - The Ecological Footprint of the Different regions in the UK
Resource 4b - Map of regions of the UK
Resource 5 - FFAE Ecological Footprint Analysis
Resource 6 - Views on travelling to Antarctica
Resource 7 - Think globally, act locally, nationally and globally
KS3/4 Science/Geography - ‘Cold Psychology’
Lesson Plan
Cold Psychology

Related Work Sheets
Simplified Psych
KS3 Science/Geography - ‘What Antarctica is like’
Lesson Plan
What Antarctica is like

Related Work Sheets
Picture questions                also refer to www.antarctic-teacher.co.uk
Weather data
Clothing Sort Cards
Race to the Pole
KS4/5 Science - ‘Using Tardigrades for Microscope Work’
Lesson Plan
Using Tardigrades for Microscope Work
Arctic Survival in Greenland
Extreme Environments - Crossing of the Greenland Ice Cap
Citizenship - Living in Greenland or England
Canine Evolution
Virtual Fieldtrip
The Journey Begins
Camp 1: Diary Entry and Arctic wind
Camp 3: Diary Entry and Realities of being on an Ice Cap
Camp 4: Diary Entry and Surviving a storm
Camp 5: Diary Entry and Katabatic winds

Iceland Inspiration
Icelandic Science
Icelandic Geology

refer also to www.antarctic-teacher.co.uk


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