Press Releases Archive 2007

Teachers finally back for Christmas
After hours of tension, waiting and watching the snow blow across the cleared runway, the Fuchs Foundation teachers have finally flown out of the Antarctic.
Published: 19/12/07

Teachers Grounded In White Out Antarctica
The Fuchs Foundation teachers due to return home from Antarctica for a Christmas reunion with their families are being delayed by severe weather conditions.
Published: 19/12/07

UK Schools Link Up with their Sub-Zero Teachers in an exciting first
Having recently arrived in Antarctica to carry out research, Science and Geography teachers Amy Rogers and Ruth Hollinger will be speaking to their students via a live satellite-link to their classroom on 4th December.
Published: 26/11/07

Meeting with Jim Knight, Sports Minister
On Wednesday 24 October at the House of Commons, Schools Minister Jim Knight MP, will meet with the four science and geography teachers selected to travel to the Antarctic for the Fuchs Foundation Expedition.
Published: 19/10/07

Anniversary lecture and teachers departure
Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Commonwealth Trans Antarctic Expedition The first teachers\' Antarctic expedition gets ready to leave
Published: 17/10/07

Norway - A Place to Practice!
Norway, like the UK, was wet. The rain on ice was slippery and they had to wear crampons all the time. Sleeping in tents felt like floating on a li-lo in a swimming pool but cooler! But teachers Phil Avery, Ruth Hollinger, Ian Richardson and Amy Rogers said they found it a lot of fun and it helped them to visualise what a normal day is going to be like in the Antarctic.
Published: 03/09/07

The One and Only Dry Run in Norway
The Fuchs Foundation Antarctic Expedition 2007 (FFAE2007) team of teachers is off to Norway in August to test out their Antarctic equipment, their scientific projects, and their communications systems on Europe’s highest and largest ice cap, Jostedalsbreem.
Published: 29/08/07

Welsh launch of the Fuchs Foundation
Welsh launch of the Fuchs Foundation - reception, exhibition, dinner and lecture on the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1955-58
Published: 29/06/07

Team Bonding in a Freezer
Bonding in a freezer in underwear is not the first idea that comes to mind when planning a programme of team building exercises. But the teachers, who will go on the first Fuchs Antarctic Expedition in November 2007, felt that it was their defining moment. Their preparations for one of the scientific projects to be carried out under the harsh conditions 80degrees south on the Ellsworth Mountains was to test their endurance by biking to exhaustion, soaking their fingers in ice cold water for 20 minutes and sitting in a freezer for an hour and a half in their underwear under the guidance of Professor Mike Tipton of Portsmouth University.
Published: 01/06/07

Body Preparation for the Antarctic
As the Nation basked in Mediterranean style sunny weather, four science and geography teachers have been thinking cold. Up to -90 deg C cold. They are preparing their bodies for the most exacting experience of their lives. They are taking part in an expedition to the Antarctic to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Trans Antarctic Expedition successfully completed by Sir Vivian Fuchs, a notable man of science.
Published: 01/06/07

The search for the elegant sunburst lichen
Dr Amy Rogers from Hugglescote, Leicestershire and a science teacher at Higham Lane School, Nuneaton, is one of four highly committed teachers who will be travelling to the Antarctic in November 2007
Published: 01/06/07